At Skin Potion, we make intelligent
skin care using ingredients
that are:

* pure
* high-quality
* effective
* safe
* multi-purpose
* organic when possible
* locally-sourced when possible
* well-researched
* intuitively combined

And free from:

* palm oil                 * synthetic colorants
* pesticides                 * petrol by-products
* phthalates                * parabens
* silicones
* synthetic preservatives
* sodium laureth sulphate and derivatives


My Mission is to inspire everyone to choose wisely what goes into and on their bodies, ultimately choosing to honor their bodies through mindful self-love.

My Why is to preserve our earthly vessels and the purity of our babies by making wholesome body products. I will always do this, so why not make extra to provide to other families who are on the same journey <3

My Story

I’ve always had an innate knowledge that natural IS better, by all definitions. Mother Earth gives us everything we need through her bounty and humanity has survived for so long using natural sources. But when I began writing my story of how Skin Potion was born, I had to get dig deep and trace it way back to its origins. I wasn’t comfortable sharing my realization at first, but when I get honest with myself, there’s no easy way to say it: I credit drug addiction and the supplement industry. Note that I said credit, not blame 😉

In my early twenties, I got into bodybuilding and with intense curiosity, spent a lot of time researching and trying different supplements. Fast forward a  few years and a whirlwind twist of life-changing events, I had another type of addiction that was far more sinister and dangerous.

When I realized my body was quickly approaching chronic illness, I chose to resurrect my health and honor the natural strength and healthy state I knew my body was suppressing. Essentially, I chose to love my body. We only get one earthly vessel per lifetime and we can choose to make the best of it or to let it rust. I turned away from all these synthetically manufactured supplements and redirected my curiosity and research to the healing powers of plants and naturally-sourced alternatives like herbs and oils for both nutrition and cosmetic healing.

When I develop an interest in something, I become laser focused, so over the past 18 years I’ve absorbed an abundance of info regarding nutrition, herbs, natural medicine, health supplements and other natural alternatives for medicinal purposes, first aid and health care. With all the natural and homemade products in my house and very few commercial solutions, I feel empowered and know I’m doing the best I can to control my family’s wellness and hope to inspire others to make the switch, too. Part of my mission is to help educate others so they have confidence in choosing what’s best for their family.

When it comes to familiarizing myself with ingredients and their impact on our bodies and environments, I love to research any question that pops into my head, be it food or health products. I discovered that our skin absorbs ingredients which cause damage and build up in our brains, internal organs and negatively affect our endocrine system on every level. Most of these ingredients are incredibly sneaky and it doesn’t matter whether we acknowledge their dangers or not, it’s real. Things like pesticides,  lauryl sulphates (foaming agents), ethyl alcohol (supposedly helps other ingredients absorb into our skin), parabens (by-products), fragrance (there is NO such thing as a natural fragrance oil!) and petroleum (a waste product from oil processing) aren’t ACTUALLY necessary for cleansing, and THERE IS A BETTER WAY!!

I began making natural products made in small batches from thoughtfully chosen ingredients, herbs and essential oils that have proven to be highly effective for multiple purposes and pleasurable to use. If I can DIY a product in my home, I do. Everything from toothpaste, to hair styling wax, to hairspray, to body moisturizer, are a few of my secret personal projects 😉

History of Skin Potion Naturals

When I set out in October of 2012 (addicted to a popular scent-heavy, skin-shredding colorful mall brand) to find a body wash that didn’t completely dry my skin out after every shower, I learned about ingredients, I scoured labels, yet I still couldn’t find one to make my skin feel GOOD that didn’t contain any of that extra crap.…. “Oh well, I’ll do it myself!” and so I began researching how to make REAL handcrafted soap.

After a LOT of research and few experimental batches (and some nervous confidence) I got started and soon realized how luxurious of a soap I could make. And how many ideas I had!

…so the pile of soap in my basement grew… into a mountain! When I began selling it to friends, I realized HOW MANY PEOPLE wanted these handcrafted solutions. And when I kept getting amazing feedback on how it helped their skin or their children’s by improving things like eczema, acne or mysterious rashes, I knew I had a great product.

Since then my soap has gone through a slew of recipe changes, ingredient swaps, and yet, I find myself back to a recipe that nearly resembles my original using primarily Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Coconut Oil. You really can’t beat olive oil soap for its simplicity, gentleness, purity, creaminess and old-world charm.

Soon after, Skin Potion Soaps was born. I started with soaps and a basic hand salve (I was an avid Burt’s Bees slatherer!) and soon received requests for other products from clients and friends. My product line grew and my experimentation and research become more devoted.

So did my DIY skills. (Did I mention I’m also a jill-of-all-trades and handy as heck?) Through my graphic design training decades ago, I design all of my own logos and labels and print, cut and apply them myself. I cut and build my own shelves and soap molds.  I used to render beef tallow for the soap. Old-school, right?!  I infuse frankincense and herbs for the oils. Lots o fun.

Shortly after I started this soaping project,  I got a really big surprise- I got pregnant soon after I started making soap. My task list was about to explode exponentially. Fast forward a few years and two kids later, I took the ultimate leap and became a single mother in the summer of 2017. Phew.

Even when I feel overwhelmed now with single mom life AND a continuously growing business, YOUR feedback and testimonials keep my passion going and motivate me to provide inspiration and natural, amazing, safe products for the whole family. This hobby of mine became my first baby- my business, and won’t be going away anytime soon.

Love your body <3