What?! Hello, sleazy marketing strategy. Or how about “Buy this, it’s the BEST in the whole world!” …Who can possibly know that?! For every person who says something is the best, another will say it didn’t work. So the real solution, like *every product on every shelf ever*, is to find what WORKS FOR YOU!

What we CAN promise, is that Skin Potion SuperFresh Natural Deodorant WILL eliminate stink.

Like all day.

AND it feels really lovely in your pits. TMI?

Thanks to its specific synergy of ingredients like food grade organic virgin coconut oil, natural-sourced baking soda and moisture-blocking starches and essential oils- you’re making a healthy and wise decision for personal odor-absorption. No fillers, bulking agents, fragrances, preservatives, parabens, neurotoxins, carcinogens, blah blah.

The other ingredients, in a nutshell:

~ Coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant (and has an SPF4, but that’s for another blog post) and can be moisturizing while astringent

~ Arrowroot powder, which is actually a starch, is amazing at absorbing moisture. (I avoid cornstarch because it can feed yeast and create all kinds of other issues. And, hey, GMO’s.)

~ Potato starch, similar to arrowroot powder, is for absorbing. As a prebiotic, it also helps support the beneficial bacteria in your microbiome. Very important.

~ Natural baking soda is the all-star of the regular formula: it obliterates odor-causing bacteria.

~ Organic unrefined shea butter helps support, soothe, and heal skin and contains Vitamin A and E.

~ Beeswax helps the formula to hold it’s texture and not melt too much in heat. Or in warm places in your purse, car, gym bag, suitcase in the summer. Some people like it softer, but there was any less beeswax than there is now so it would get runny in the heat. (Just work it between your fingers to soften it up)

~ Kaolin clay helps extract toxins and cleanse pores. It also adds absorbency, balances skin, deposits minerals. A super gentle clay, it facilitates the “detox period” by drawing the toxins out while you wear it, cancelling out the” detox” or “adjustment period”.

~ Essential oils. Don’t ask, it’s our secret recipe. (Unless you’re allergic to one and need ot know if the deo contains it) We’ll just let you know the heavy hitters are Tea Tree, Lavender and Rosemary with a precise balance of the others and a top note of Spearmint to create a fresh unisex scent that everyone loves.

Now- will it work for everyone? …No

But it WILL work for *most* of you. Why? Because it contains just the right amount of naturally-sourced baking soda (NOT Arm’n’Hammer!!!), no more, no less.

BUT sometimes this amount is still too much for some people because- we all have a unique chemical composition created by our cellular chemistry and varying diets, acidic and alkaline balance.

Short answer: science.

Long nerdy answer: Baking soda has a pH of about 9. Baking soda is also known to deodorize, or kill odor.

The human armpit has a pH of 5.8-6.0 and typical human skin ideally around 5.5, but anywhere up to 7 (depending where on the body) and has what’s called “the acid mantle” which is a thin protective layer on our skin’s surface made of fatty acids, lactic acid and amino acid which are created by sebum and sweat. Many things can interfere with the balance of our acid mantle from environmental factors (pollution, cleaners, toxins) to diet, health/disease, sun, cleanliness and can disrupt the skin’s performance in protecting itself. Diet is the single most determining factor, and quite a phenomenal paradox: alkaline foods (animal products, sugar, alcohol) become acidic when digested and acidic (citrus, leafy greens) become alkaline when digested, therefor causing our body to become the same. To improve or maintain health, we must focus on eating more (acidic) alkalizing foods. Confused yet?

Fun fact: bodies with a lower pH (more acidic) create more body odor.

The Superhero ingredient: Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, basically reacts with the fatty acids and neutralizes their odor since optimal bacterial growth occurs in *just* below neutral, or slightly acidic, pH. 

BUT, since some of us have a lower or fluctuating pH, we can react, even periodically, to the soda content which manifests in sensitivity, rashes, itchiness, soreness. (JUST LIKE you can get from any product!)

If you had a reaction, here’s the Emergency Armpit Care Techniques:

Exergency Detox Treatment this can be used when switching to natural methods from commercial anti-perspirants because it can speed up the “detox” of your armpits by absorbing all the crap they’ve been subjected to over the years, making your switch more bearable.

While Skin Potion Deo has some mild kaolin clay to help this process along, a separate Bentonite clay masque for your pits is the quicker, more powerful solution! Like a facial masque, it super-sucks the bad stuff out of your pores and skin to clarify and deeply cleanse. Yes, an armpit mask, total luxury, lol…

Directions: get your butt to a health foods store and purchase a half cup of Bentonite and a few tablespoons of activated charcoal. Bring it home and mix 2 tbsp bentonite, 1 tbsp charcoal (optional) with 4 tbsp purified water, apply to your clean, dry pits, (apply the remaining to your face while you’re at it!!) sit and relax for 10 mins, then rinse well. Be gentle to these pits! Moisturize with coconut or avocado oil, or some other pure (preferably organic) oil. Best done before bed so you can sleep without deodorant on. Wash off the oil in the morning and try the deo. Repeat this mask for a few days if needed. Or space it out if you felt a bit irritated after the mask (it can be drying)

Emergency Armpit Remedy Dilute 1/4 cup (preferably organic) Apple Cider Vinegar with 1/4 cup purified or distilled water. Soak a cotton ball or other item and swipe each pit after showering, or twice per day until rash clears. Let dry.
Don’t use SuperFresh deo at this time OR ONLY use the Sensitive version, which is Baking Soda Free.

Exfoliation and cleansing is important for every area of our body, you must also develop the routine of exfoliating the armpit area because it’s a warm damp environment whose sole purpose is to excrete waste and toxins. (Yeah, gross!) This causes buildup of dead skin cells and if you don’t take care of it, it WILL cause discomfort- darkening of the skin, tender rash, general armpit grumpiness.

Exfoliation can be as simple as using a washcloth to gently scrub during each shower, or as purposeful as whipping up a salt & sugar scrub for it and use once a week. (one part salt, one part sugar, one part coconut (or other) oil, optional essential oil) OR keep it to just sugar as the salt may feel burny, even though it will benefit your skin and help heal it, despite the burn. Depends on your commitment ot healing and your personal pain tolerance 😉

IF you do ALL of these remedies and then begin using SuperFresh again and still get the pH reaction, then you’ll have to switch to the GentleFresh version (SODA-FREE) and if that’s TOO Mild, try mixing a small amount of the two together for a Medium formula. (We don’t currently make a medium formula) And then gift the SuperFresh to a stinky friend.

ALWAYS feel free contact us along your journey of discovery for coaching and assistance along the way!

So in the spirit of cheezy marketing, and primarily based on customer feedback- we’ll continue to call it The Mightiest Of All Time with pride based on customers reviews and continue boasting that it’s actually tested and approved by marathon-runners, triathletes, military members and a couple MMA fighters! That’s pretty cool.

Thanks for visiting our Blog and please leave us some love notes HERE to post a review of our mighty Deo for others!  ♥