One night after an exhausting day, as I drifted into that blissful, cozy, uber-relaxed sleep state- my legs started itching. And itching. Half an hour later, I realized I wasn’t getting to sleep until I got cream on them. And the next day, I rebirthed the Body Souffle.

The Body Souffle is similar to body butter, except there’s no water ingredient. While our skin IS made of water and DOES absorb it readily (the logic of water-based moisturizers), it’s ALSO made of lipids (fats) which are truthfully what creates the protective barrier (keeps water from escaping and softens/strengthens the outer layers) and THIS is precisely why you should always be using an oil-based moisturizer if you’re seriously interested in honoring your skin with quality ingredients.

Ever noticed how water-based moisturizers boast “luxury” or rich ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil?? Hey- Skin Potion ONLY uses these ingredients! No water or useless fillers.

For maximum effectiveness, apply after cleansing. The water opens your pores, cleans out dirt and dampens those deeper inner layers, and then after you towel dry- apply the Souffle to lock in that moisture and strengthen your skin’s barrier. I hope you do some sort of mild exfoliation daily when bathing. I’ve ADORED scrubby gloves in the shower and have done this for over a decade-  They get more suds out of my soap, make the soap last longer, exfoliate me (I have the softest skin!) and get me out of the shower with breakneck speed. Scrubby Gloves- I buy them at Shoppers Drug Mart!

Skin Potion Body Souffle is only available by Custom Order on the website for now, but easy to pick up at the Headquarters in Fredericton at 356 Union, two doors from the Westmorland Bridge ! Just order through the website and select “Local Pickup”.

Read more and order it HERE

Happy winter, peeps! Now you’re prepared 😀