It’s true! Because of the naturally healing butters and essential oils in Skin Potion products, there’s several uses for each product.

In this post, we’ll review and share our findings. If you have something to add, please email or comment on the post, we’d love to hear from you!

SUPERFRESH DEODORANT contains a synergistic blend of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal essential oils and skin-nourishing butters. Use it for:

• A super-gentle refreshing face polish
• Toothpaste
• Booboo salve: baking soda poultices were once popular to reduce swelling and pain. Since our formula also contains essential oils, it’s a win/win healing combo.
• For boob sweat: yup.
• Athlete’s foot or other itchy rashy stuff

GENTLEFRESH DEO is useful because of its Zinc Oxide content, which is soothing and healing for skin problems. Use it for:

• Boob sweat- Yup, again. To refresh and prevent chafing. (maybe for other secret sweat, too!)
• For cold sores: Zinc is a common ingredient used on cold sores.
• To soothe blisters and other chafed skin. (Use sparingly if near the nether regions until tolerance is tested)
• Athlete’s foot
• Diaper rash or to protect against it. (Use sparingly) Zinc is always used in diaper rash creams.
• For boo-boos and rashes, like from poison ivy, etc.
• Pimple cream

BABY CREAM is made simply from organic coconut oil and shea butter, with just a hint of lavender essential oil. What started out as a simple hand cream became a staple for eczema or a moisturizer for anyone who’s sensitive to crappy ingredients and fragrances and wants something nearly unscented. Slather precious babies in it and Use it for:

• Face cream
• Lip balm
• Hand cream
• Personal lubricant
• Frizzy curly hair tamer and split ends
• A super rich hair mask (cover with shower cap and winter hat to heat up and lock in that moisture!)
• Dog noses and paws if they get dry and chapped in winter
• Drawers lube: in old solid wood dressers or cabinets, sometimes the drawers don’t slide well. Just wipe a little lube on them!

HEALING BUTTER has a blend of herbal infused oils specifically designed to heal skin FAST. Also use it for:

• Anti-bacterial hand cream during sick season!
• Hemmorhoids. Ouch.
• Pimples
• Cold sores
• Nail fungus
• Perineal tears after childbirth