3x Colloidal Silver Soap


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Colloidal silver is, in a nutshell, a suspension of fine silver particles suspended in distilled water. It’s effectively (and painlessly) antibacterial, antimicrobial and has some antifungal properties.

It’s prized for effectively disinfecting wounds and abrasions without pain. (Perfect for kids!)

Colloidal Silver soap offers a 1-2-punch of disinfecting while cleansing. It’s gorgeous, rich lather leaves behind clean, moisturized skin while not destroying the precious skin barrier we need to maintain strong, supple, healthy skin.

This soap is excellent for all skin types, and especially for anyone with chronic skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or who needs extra help getting cuts or wounds to heal.


Ingredients: Olive oil, organic coconut oil, colloidal silver, sodium hydroxide


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