3x Colloidal Silver Soap




For face, body and hands.

Wash with this naturally antibacterial soap if you have acne, eczema or other kinds of sad skin in need of TLC.

Contains triple strength colloidal silver in our regular super hydrating soap base.

A fantastic “kitchen sink” soap!

Ingredients: Olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, 3x colloidal silver

4 reviews for 3x Colloidal Silver Soap

  1. Mary Ellen

    THIS is a miracle soap! I’ve been using it for two weeks and my eczema is getting better- I’ve tried everything over the past few years and nothing has helped like this soap. I’m just astonished and telling everyone about it

  2. Josee

    Bought it use on my acne, it seems to be helping heal it faster. Haven’t been using it long enough to see if it helps scars but I’ll report back in the future if it does.

  3. Deanne

    I love the lather in this soap and it feels so silky. It’s helped keep away ingrown hairs after shaving! I use it all over in the shower every day. I don’t mind that it’s unscented and I feel really clean afterwards, but my skin isn’t dry.

  4. Anonymous!! lol

    I swear this soap is helping to keep my persistent body odor at bay. I sweat a lot and always can smell funky smells coming off me later in the day (not armpits) but this soap seems to be helping. I may be hooked for life if this keeps up! <3

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