Breathe-Easy Butter

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Herbal-infused chest and foot rub for ALL ages.

Relieve congestion by applying to chest and throat.
Boost immune system by applying to feet.
Calm and soothe by applying to ear tubes and temples.

While it’s safe for all ages, you *must dilute for children under 6 months* 1:1 with carrier oil.

Read more on the BLOG post.

Ingredients: Frankincense-infused extra virgin olive oil, fir needle-infused olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, local beeswax, essential oils

5 reviews for Breathe-Easy Butter

  1. Sharee

    this butter really shines when needing it for stuffy noses and congestion but i love the smell so much i just use it anytime i’m feeling under the weather and it perks me right up! I swear it heals everything 😀

  2. Lacey

    Breathe easy butter is a lifesaver! My little one was sick for three weeks with a runny nose and cough, tried everything! Four days of continuous use of the breathe easy butter and he was back to normal!

  3. Bella Smith

    I cannot go without this product in my house from now on for my three kids- it helps them feel and breathe better nearly instantly! It knocks cold away fr sooner than if we hadn’t used it. LOVE IT!! Keep up the great work!

  4. Emma Lee

    I make sure to keep this on hand ALL year long because it’s incredible at battling those runny noses and croup coughs. Don’t EVER stop making this please! I might need to custom order a tub of it!

  5. Karen LAKE

    I put this on my throat and the bottoms of my feet when I first sense a cold coming on. It literally stops the cold in its tracks!

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