Colloidal Silver Spray


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For ALL your disinfecting needs, silver has stood the test of time.

Anti-biotic, anti-fungal and preservative.

  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Painless
  • Odorless
  • Spray on any skin or hard surface
  • Cuts, wounds, bug bites, even serious ones
  • ear infections
  • eye sty, pink eye
  • tooth extractions- prevent dry socket
  • facial mist
  • acne
  • athletes foot
  • fungal infections on skin (dandruff!)
  • psoriasis, eczema
  • inhale mist for sinus infections, lung infections, respiratory illness
  • Keep pet bowls fresh
  • Keep hummingbird feeders fresh
  • Keep water bottles fresh
  • Use in your essential oil diffuser or nebulizer
  • Spray it on your mask to freshen and sanitize through the day


Ingredients: colloidal silver particles in distilled water (Colloidal silver is naturally self-preserving, requiring nothing extra.)

Not sold for internal consumption, but it’s not toxic either. (Will it turn you blue? No. The “Blue Man” turned blue from drinking MASSIVE quantities of improperly made salted silver. There is zero side effect to using it topically.)

60ml plastic blue bottle

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80ml Spray Bottle, 500ml refill

6 reviews for Colloidal Silver Spray

  1. Shannon

    OMG where has cooloidal silver been all my life- Google it and read how amazing it is!! This one is an awesome price- it can be SO EXPENSIVE

  2. Mal

    I bought this to use as a mask spray- definitely helps to keep it fresher. I also use it as hand sanitizer- love that there’s no smell. I feel it’s safer around my 2yo

  3. .

    Dunno how it’s such a good price- Amazon and places sell it for like $30/ounce! INSANE

  4. Ava

    GOOGLE the benefits of silver- everyone could use this!

  5. Elizabeth

    I’d heard about the benefits of silver and how it’s amazing for *everything*. After using it twice on my daughter’s cradle cap (she’s 1yo and NOTHING else has worked) it’s finally gone! It’s been a week and no signs of it reappearing. So thankful!

  6. Marie

    I don’t know why but I get frequent stys in my eye. As soon as I feel one, an application or two of silver and its gone within a few hours. I also use it on any cuts, pimples and on my eczema to soothe.

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