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Cultivating gorgeous skin is a process. Two essential things you need: hydrate your body with lots of purified water and use nourishing oils on your skin.

We make our soap so rich and moisturizing, you won’t need body lotion after!

THE NAKED ONE Purely saponified olive oil and coconut oil. Nothing else. No scents added.
BEER SOAPS: made from beer + water= for gorgeous lather, rich with vitamins.
BE CALM, BABY  Extra gentle, for upset or sensitive skin. With real lavender, oatmeal and shea. Our fave!

Ingredients: genuine olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, sodium hydroxide, purified water, sea salt, beer*, buttermilk*; fragrance OR essential oil*, oxide powders for color*, clay*, charcoal*
(*ingredients may vary, always check individual soap labels)


*Availability on options and scents will vary.


*Product appearance can vary each batch: colors and swirls may appear different than in photo

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon (fragranced), Lavender (essential oil), The Naked One (Unscented, color-free), Lemon Zen (fragrance+essential oil), Lemongrass (essential oil), Peppermint (essential oil), Patchouli (essential oil), Be Calm, Baby Oatmeal Soap (essential oil), Clean Hippy (essential oil), Spiced Apple Cider BEER SOAP (fragranced), Hey, Studmuffin BEER SOAP (fragranced), Fundy Beach Salt Water Soap (essential oil), Blueberry BEER SOAP (fragranced, Spiced Vanilla BEER SOAP (fragranced), Bliss (essential oil), Lemon Drop (blend of fragrance and EO), Satsuma (fragranced), Anise (essential oil), Peaches & Cream (Fragranced), Almond & Goats Milk (fragrance), Vanilla & Maple (fragrance)

12 reviews for Nourishing Hand & Body Soaps

  1. Heather

    “I’m allergic to soap but I can use this without getting a rash!” Heather

  2. anon

    THE longest lasting handmade soaps I’ve ever used in my life! They’re incredible and feel so good on my skin. Nice work!

  3. May

    These soaps have the scent concentrations *just right*- not overwhelmingly strong but not too weak, like most soaps. It’s hard to choose!

  4. Brenda Taylor

    These are my favorite all-time soaps, and I’ve been using various makers over the past twenty years. (You can bet my skin is crazy soft and healthy)

  5. Dominique

    Kelli, I LOVE your soap! Keep making great products!

  6. Ellen

    I use these on my whole body- Lavender is my fave and sometimes when I’m feeling adventurous, I love bliss with its hint of patchouli- and then I get tons of comments about smelling great. They’re not drying like other handmade soaps.

  7. Rosemary M

    Love the scents and love trying new ones when they come out or seasonal soaps. Always buy a ton for christmas gifts every year! Huge fan here!

  8. Linda Scott

    GORGEOUS SOAPS! Mostly the texture, the gentle nature, but they’re still bubbly, smell amazing and I love that just like the label says- I really don’t have to use body moisturizer after my shower!

  9. Nat Leblanc

    I moved away from Oromocto four years ago but I need to order and stock up about twice a year. So thank you, Kelli, for continuing to make these, and getting better all the time. Keep up the good work <3

  10. May D

    Beautiful soaps- long lasting, they don’t melt as easily as some other local brands- so better value! the scents are all just perfect, too, except I don’t like patchouli so I never buy that one

  11. J

    Love these soaps!

  12. Helene and Georges

    Bought these for a few years now, hubby kept using them so I’m glad there’s some “manly” scents too. He no longer complains about itchy dry skin and doesn’t have to use “girly lotions” after (LOL!!)

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