Healing Butter


All parents need this in their medicine cabinet!

Got a cut, rash or cold sore? Numb pain on contact and speed healing with our all-purpose medicinal ointment to soothe and repair any skin problem.

Uses an array of herbal infusions and essential oils to ease swelling and help disinfect wounds.

Amazing for:
~ eczema
~ diaper rash (cloth diaper safe!)
~ cuts and scrapes
~ rashes
~ cold sores
~ post-tattoo healing cream
~ psoriasis
~ bug bites
~ extremely itchy dry skin
~ fungal infections (makes a great nail cream!)
~ rub on soles of clean feet to boost immunity
~ apply to hemorrhoids to reduce pain, itch and swelling
~ use as postpartum cream on tender tissues (apply sparingly!)
~ apply to sore cracked nipples (it's non-toxic but baby may not enjoy the flavour, so wipe off before feedings)
~ apply to acne, "bacne" or infected hair follicles

With a plentiful dose of these healing herbs:
-white willow bark

Directions: Clean wound. Apply peroxide or colloidal silver and let dry. Dab Healing Butter and then sterile bandage. A little goes a long way!

Apply before bed with bandage for fastest results.


Ingredients: Organic raw Shea Butter, herb-infused extra virgin olive oil, local beeswax, essential oils, allantoin powder

5 reviews for Healing Butter

  1. Jen

    My daughter had a mishap with a bicycle recently and I can’t believe how fast her road rash is healing with this stuff!!!

  2. a mama

    My two kids are constantly hurting themselves and this is my go-to for ALL our cuts, bruises, rashes, bug bites- EVERYTHING! totally awesome!

  3. Mary

    Amazing on bug bites- takes the itch away instantly

  4. Tom

    How did I never know about the healing powers of Calendula before?? I’m sold on herbal products and essential oils now!

  5. a mom

    We can’t ever be without this. It actually does heal cuts super fast and it beats antibiotic cream like polysporum because the ingredients are actually good for you, not made from petroleum jelly and full of weird pharmaceuticals and other crap.

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