Skin Medic + (formerly Healing Butter)

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An all-purpose herbal-infused medicinal ointment to soothe and speed healing of any skin problem.

A wonder cream for eczema. A miracle cream for your kids’ boo boos- it won’t sting.

Use it for:
~ eczema
~ diaper rash (cloth diaper safe)
~ cuts and wounds
~ rashes
~ post-tattoo healing cream
~ psoriasis
~ bug bites
~ extremely itchy dry skin
~ fungal infections (makes a great nail cuticle cream)
~ apply to hemorrhoids to reduce pain, itch and swelling
~ use as postpartum cream on tender tissues (apply sparingly)
~ apply to sore cracked nipples (it’s non-toxic but baby may not enjoy the flavour, so wipe off before feedings)
~ apply to acne, “bacne” or infected hair follicles

Using the ancient healing infusions of plantain, frankincense, yarrow, white willow bark and calendula combined with synergistic essential oils to boost healing with surprising speed, calm pain and swelling.

Directions: Clean wound. Apply peroxide or colloidal silver to disinfect and let dry. Apply Skin Medic+ and then bandage overnight if necessary. You’ll see a drastic improvement by morning and done twice a day will prove incredible results.

Apply before bed with bandage for fastest results.


Ingredients: Organic unrefined shea butter; extra virgin olive oil infused with frankincense resin, yarrow, calundula, plantain, lavender flowers, marshmallow root and white willow bark; local beeswax; tea tree, lavender, peppermint and cedarwood essential oils; allantoin powder

10 reviews for Skin Medic + (formerly Healing Butter)

  1. Jen

    My daughter had a mishap with a bicycle recently and I can’t believe how fast her road rash is healing with this stuff!!!

  2. a mama

    My two kids are constantly hurting themselves and this is my go-to for ALL our cuts, bruises, rashes, bug bites- EVERYTHING! totally awesome!

  3. Mary

    Amazing on bug bites- takes the itch away instantly

  4. Tom

    How did I never know about the healing powers of Calendula before?? I’m sold on herbal products and essential oils now!

  5. a mom

    We can’t ever be without this. It actually does heal cuts super fast and it beats antibiotic cream like polysporin because the ingredients are actually good for you, not made from petroleum jelly and full of weird pharmaceuticals and other crap.

  6. Dani J.

    Life saving! So much better than polysporin- which is full of vaseline and useless crap. It’s healing in a jar. Kids always ask for it now when they even get a bruise, it’s like magic!

  7. Helene and Georges

    Love the smell! It’s soothing but not medicinal. Definitely helps my eczema when I get a flare. The white willow bark helps to calm the itch and really soothes it.

  8. Mabel D.

    My husband calls it “the witchy salve”, but even he knows it works. He’s a mechanic and uses it on the cracks he gets from the cold.

  9. Kev

    Use this now on tattoos instead of vitamin e oil. definitely works better! little goes a long way and smells really good too. not as sticky as vit e oil- that stuff was blech. this should be marketed more for tattoos

  10. E.L.

    Can’t live without this- whenever my old jar gets low, I get some before it’s gone. Use it on my cracking cuticles because I’m a nurse and wash frequently. Usually overnight, it makes a difference!

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