“Magnum Opus” Face Soap




We used all of our powerhouse ingredients to create one amazing masterpiece in an olive oil base soap.

For all skin types.

Cleanses without drying
Pulls out toxins using clay and charcoal
Nourishes with olive oil and Canadian seaweed.
Protects and moisturizes with organic shea butter and colloidal oatmeal

Wash face. Tone. Apply moisturizer, Shea Souffle or Skin Elixir.

Ingredients (may vary): extra virgin olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, organic unrefined shea butter, sodium hydroxide, mineral water, various clays (kaolin, multanni mitti, french green, bentonite), canadian seaweed, activated charcoal, essential oils


*Product appearance varies with each batch

Additional information

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon (fragranced), Lavender (essential oil), The Naked One (Unscented, color-free), Zen (fragranced), Lemongrass (essential oil), Peppermint (essential oil), Patchouli (essential oil)

8 reviews for “Magnum Opus” Face Soap

  1. Mel

    “Ohhhhh my gosh, you guys– If there’s one facial soap you ever need, it’s THIS one!

    From the first wash, I couldn’t believe how great my skin felt- fresh, clean (but not that weird tight and squeaky sensation), exfoliated and… nourished. Like, totally supported, as if I just came from a spa facial. Wow!”

  2. Erin

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these soaps- make my face feel so clean and fresh without drying. Sometimes the essential oil is changed but my favorite was the peppermint one from last year. Please make that again!

  3. Sarah

    The size is AWESOME. Not a dinky little facial bar. For ten bucks, I can cut it in half and put half in the shower and half on my sink and they last FOREVERRRR

  4. Anon

    They might look a little funky, but they’re a gentle, rich and nourishing face soap with unbeatable value

  5. M

    LOVE this soap- charcoal, clay and allll the goodness!

  6. Ellen

    Best facial soap ever- refreshing in summer without being too moisturizing and gentle in winter without being too drying. just the perfect balance. I liked when it was the peppermint scent better than the lemon, though

  7. Dominique

    I use this soap by wetting my face and then lathering the soap with the corner of a wash cloth and scrubbing my face with the washcloth. Then I don’t accidentally get it in my eyes. My skin feels SOOO fresh and clean afterwards! But not dry and squeaky like some facial cleansers.

  8. Kay


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