Seaweed & Clay Powdered Face Mask




Reset your complexion. Stop using drugstore masks that have all that extra crap in them!

This one uses nothing but pure effective ingredients, no fillers, preservatives or bull$hit.

Mix with water and apply for 10 minutes. When you rinse, you’ll find a fresh, clean, clear complexion. Your pores will be cleaner, your face feels invigorated. Your skin is ready to soak up that rich moisturizer for maximum effect.

Instructions: Measure out 1 TSP and slowly add 1.25 TSP of water. *DO NOT MIX AND STORE, MOLD WILL GROW*

Ingredients: canadian seaweed powder, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, french pink clay. (Ingredients may vary depending on bath and availability)

5 reviews for Seaweed & Clay Powdered Face Mask

  1. Mary Ann

    About once a month, my skin begins to look lackluster and I can’t figure out what’s going on until I realize it’s been a while since I did a facemask. A few days ago my skin was looking completely ragged from lack of sleep and probably lack of water, too, and this perked it right up.

    WOW- resets my complexion completely! Then I vow to start using it more than once a month…Seriously the most amazing facial product I’ve ever used and the seaweed is due credit for this! I owe myself a weekly treatment for a constantly fresh, glowing complexion and I always find my serums and moisturizers absorb much better after. EVERYONE NEEDS THIS!

  2. M

    This is supercool- I was hesitant to buy powder I had to mix myself- but I just went slow and it turned out fine. I LOVE that there’s no extra ingredients or preservatives- just pure clays!

  3. .

    Great mask, great value

  4. Sarah

    My skin looks so good and feels really soft after I use this. I use it about once a week. Awesome sauce.

  5. Em

    Best mask ever. I’m a face mask junkie, but in commercial masks, they always add extra CRAP. This is the pure shit.

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