Skin & Hair Elixir


This deep color of this oil will leave you simply glowing! This carefully chosen blend of rich oils creates an elixir so divine, you'll discover you can't live without it.

Deeply nourishes, repairs and regenerates cells, providing anti-aging benefits, calming inflammation, moisturizing, improving your skin tone and creating an overall color improvement

Wash face and apply 2-3 drops daily. For maximum benefits, MASSAGE it into your face for one full minute using small circles and upwards strokes.

No fillers.
No synthetics.
No petrochemicals.
No fragrances. No silicones. No crap.
Just pure liquid gold.

Non-greasy, fast absorbing.

Treat dry/damaged hair or stubborn curls with a few drops of this oil!

Ingredients: Oils of Meadowfoam, Sea Buckthorn, Argan*, Jojoba*, Sunflower*, frankincense-infused extra virgin olive oil*, essential oil (lavender)

2oz amber glass bottle with dropper

2 reviews for Skin & Hair Elixir

  1. Karen LAKE (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! I put it on before I go out into the cold and before bed. It is magical.

  2. K.D.

    This stuff is AMAZING! I have an underactive thyroid and struggle with dry skin, this skin elixir is the answer! A friend of mine was telling me about this skin stuff that she was using that was awesome and turns out it was this skin elixir too. Even my hairdresser commented that my skin was just glowing. It truly does absorb well and does not leave your skin greasy. I’ve tried many moisturizers and hands down this one wins! I’m a repeat buyer!

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