How about a you’re-too-busy-to-read-a-giant-article so let’s get to the nutshell, point-based version.




  • bar soaps are made from REAL and natural ingredients: oils, water, lye and moisturizing factor can be adjusted easily
  • herbal infused oils and essential oils can be used without disrupting the formula or rendering it hard to use
  • washes extremely well and disinfects
  • non-toxic in the case of accidental ingestion. Eco-friendly for waterways, environment and animals
  • Eco-friendly in that they use virtually no packaging- and paper labels can be recycled
  • you can make a bar of soap with a minimum of three ingredients
  • Anyone can easily make their own soap
  • soap doesn’t hold germs, unlike what previous marketing tried to convince


  • Limited shelf life (a few years, depends on oils and their quality; storage method, temperature, humidity, light levels, air circulation)
  • scent fades after a year or so, depending on the scent/oils used
  • bit of a learning curve to making soap, serious or dangerous mistakes can happen
  • Does cause a certain amount of soap scum build-up due to the extra oils




  • Smells nice
  • Pretty packaging


  • Dries out your skin by removing the protective oils, damaging the skin barrier. Makes you itchy from the toxic crap in it
  • body washes are detergents and they don’t actually work as well to truly WASH skin
  • While their scents are gorgeous, addictive and truly intoxicating sometimes, these fragrances are almost always synthetic and more people are becoming sensitive to them
  • there’s so many ingredients and additives to make the formula the right texture and lather
  • detergents are harmful for waterways, fish and wildlife and runoff we water our crops and plants with