Your skin wants more.

At Skin Potion Naturals, we avoid toxic ingredients because we believe your body deserves the
richest, purest products so your skin can stay healthy and durable lifelong.

Still searching for your

goldilocks deodorant?

You’ve just found it..

Can’t do baking soda? Get GentleFresh.


Use Puritan Skincare


Get Healthier Skin


Simplify Your Life

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Free up space in your cabinets and simplify your life

by making the switch to our natural, minimalist skincare.
People believe they need technical, over-processed synthetic ingredients to target their skin problems. Many of these ingredients are on the list of most toxic cosmetic chemicals!

If you can’t eat them, why put them ON your sensitive body or your baby’s?

Of course you could open your kitchen cupboards and D-I-Y, but we saved you time and frustration, especially with our natural deodorant. (Yes, it really works!)

Natural doesn’t have to mean fancy or expensive.

Cure your skin irritation and label confusion and get

healthy, glowing skin. Stop using cheap, toxic products full of mysterious ingredients that leave your skin feeling irritated and you frustrated.

Come back towards a healthy, whole-ingredient philosophy using ingredients straight from nature with minimal processing. Use natural handmade soap and organic healing salves made with herbs and essential oils.

Safer for the environment, safer for your family.

You can trust our ingredients and trust our labels, always.

You can also find Skin Potion Naturals in these fine shops:

Oromocto Galleria

291 Restigouche Rd. Oromocto, NB


154 Main St., Fredericton, NB

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